Raven RP12 - Noise and Dust Control Seal

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Product Features

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  • A flexible co-extruded PVC sweep seal

  • The RP73 can be used in conjunction with Raven automatic door bottom seals and brush strip seals.

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10 | Raven RP12 - Noise and Dust Control Seal | ADRP12/1000 | Aluminium anodised | 1000mm




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Product Description

The RP12 has a woven pile weather strip with unique Quiet-fins for noise protection. Ideal for sliding doors and designed to limit noise leakage and control dust and air movement. The RP12 is quick and easy to install to the door or frame. Can be used in conjunction with a double row of RP2 seals fitted into grooves in the door bottom edge or face mountRP74 to achieve a complete sealing system.

Product Information

  • Location: Head and jambs of door frames.

  • Min/Max Gap: 6mm to 8mm (prior to installation).

  • Finish: Aluminium anodised 15 microns. Satin Clear (Silver)

  • Fixing: Concealed screw fix. Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws and cover strip supplied. Fixing holes are pre-slotted to allow the seals to be fitted accurately and adjustment to be made for building movement.

  • Seal: Black polypropylene pile with felt weather fins. 

Product Codes
Raven RP12 - Noise and Dust Control Seal
Aluminium anodised
Raven RP12 - Noise and Dust Control Seal
Aluminium anodised


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Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on: