Raven RP79 / RP88 - Glass Door Seals

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Product Features

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  • Glass Door Weather seal

  • Glass door draught excluder strips.

  • Uses an Anodised Aluminium (15 microns) carrier.

  • The Raven RP88 seal is for 10mm thick glass doors.

  • The Raven RP79 seal is for 12mm thick glass doors.

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10 | Raven RP79 / RP88 - Glass Door Seals | ADRP88/10 | Aluminium anodised | 10mm thick glass - 10 x 3000mm (RP88)




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Product Description

Aluminium astragal seals designed for frameless glass doors. The woven pile sealing strip is combined with a weather fin to form an effective weather and energy seal. Both types, RP79 and RP88, are for pre-installation gaps of 8mm to 9mm and sold in 3 metre lengths. Fixing is with double sided adhesive tape (pre-fitted in the carrier). Contact surfaces must be clean, smooth and, if painted, well cured. Use in conjunction with Raven brush strip door bottom seals RP2b, RP74 and threshold plates. To seal the bottom of the door we suggest the Raven RP74 or RP75 Self Adhesive Brush Seals.

Product Information

  • Location: Meeting stiles of 12mm thick frameless glass doors.

  • Min/Max Gap: 8mm to 9mm (prior to installation).

  • Finish: Satin clear (silver) anodised aluminium (15µm). 

  • Fixing: Self adhesive.

  • Note: Contact surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured. Self adhesive seals will not adhere to oiled or alkyd finishes or to easy clean wash and wear paint surfaces.

  • Seal: Black polypropylene pile with felt weather fins.

  • Sizes: 12mm or 10mm thick glass - 3000 mm

Product Codes
Raven RP79 / RP88 - Glass Door Seals
Aluminium anodised
10mm thick glass - 10 x 3000mm (RP88)
Raven RP79 / RP88 - Glass Door Seals
Aluminium anodised
12mm thick glass - 12 x 3000mm (RP79)


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Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on: