Acoustic Door Bottom Seals By Raven


Raven acoustic seals provide an excellent barrier to airborne sound and help ensure that the acoustic attenuation provided by a doorset (the frame and doorleaf along with the seals) is, in many cases, equivalent to the wall or partition into which it is installed.

Raven acoustic seals also help isolate buildings from external noise, for example, from the noise generated from roads, railways and airports and help isolate rooms from airborne noise, for example; from plant and machinery, theatres, cinemas, creches, dental and doctor's surgeries, stairwells, passages, interconnected hotel rooms and adjoining apartments.

Under the requirements of Approved Document E several  regulations need to be considered in relation to specifying doorsets and acoustic seals - a minimum Rw29 is required.  Raven acoustic seals meet or exceed this requirement.

Raven acoustic seals are widely used internationally in airports, hotels, offices, hospitals, homes and schools.

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