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Door & Glazing Seals

Self Adhesive Compression Seals for Doors & Windows


Easy fit self adhesive compression seals for draught and weather sealing doors and windows.
Suitable for all types of doors and windows and void filling.


'P' profile self adhesive seal - EPDM

P profile glazing seal
Standard Colours:
Black (ADPP9100BLK)
Brown (ADPP9100B)
White (ADPP9100W)

Packaging: Supplied on 100m coils

Storage: Max. temp 25°C. Max. humidity 70%. No direct sunlight.


P Seal dimensions

A 9.0 mm
B 5.5 mm


'E' profile door / glazing seal - EPDM

E profile glazing sealStandard Colours:
Black (ADEC94100BLK)
Brown (ADEC94100B)
White (ADEC94100W)


Packaging: Supplied on 100m coils

Storage: Max. temp 25°C. Max. humidity 70%. No direct sunlight.

'E' seal dimensions

A 9.0 mm
B 4.0 mm


Bubble Seal 6mm - EPDM

Bubble Seal 6mm - EPDM.jpg

Bubble Seal 6mm - EPDM measurements.jpgThis Bubble seal offers high resilience, low permanent set, soft feel but good resistance to abrasion and provides an excellent seal.

A 6.0mm
B 3.0mm Kerf

Standard Colours:
Brown (ADTBX6B)
White (ADTBX6W)
Light Oak (ADTBX6LO)

Supplied in 100m coils

Bubble seal symbols


EPDM Seals

The main properties of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance.

The EPDM seals shown here offer low closing force, high performance, sealing solutions for use in glazing or weatherseal joints.

The adhesive used is formulated for use on
wood, PVC and painted surfaces making these seals suited to a wide range of applications.

Product features:

• Closed cell foamed extrusion with a skinned
surface which forms an excellent barrier to air
and water infiltration

• Working temperature range -40°C to +60°C

• Adhesive strip has an embedded anti-stretch
mesh to assist application

• Water absorption < 3% (according to ASTM D 1056)

• Resistance to environmental ageing is good

• Resistance to ozone - no cracking at 50% 5% pphm 20% extension @38°C for 70 hours ISO 1431-2

• Very good resistance to UV light

• Shelf life is one year from production date


Seal Adhesive Draught Seal Symbols


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