Brush Strip Seals By Raven


The versatility of brush strip and ease of installation makes it particularly suitable for sealing difficult applications such as sliding, revolving, pivot and roll-up doors. Effective against smoke, odours, draughts, dust, insects and light:  Helps retain the set temperature in air conditioned environments.

Brush strip sealing is recognised as solving draught problems where heavy duty use is required in areas such as public transport applications. Tests have proved that minimal wear occurs with prolonged use to either brush or contact surfaces. 

Dense black nylon bristles are locked into a galvanised steel strip which is then generally fitted into an aluminium holder.  The aluminium holder will take all bristle lengths, and the adhesive PVC foam tape is standard on most aluminium holders.

Note: Raven use nylon filament due to its significantly superior performance over cheaper materials such as polypropylene in these applications. Raven nylon brush strip withstands temperatures up to 200°C for 30 minutes without significant deterioration.

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