Door Bottom Seals By Raven


Raven multipurpose door bottom seals designed for general weatherproofing and draught proofing applications. Common forms comprise sweep seals that have an aluminium holder with a flexible strip of rubber or brush strip mounted to the door bottom. They are designed to sweep across the floor or engage a raised threshold plate so they clear the floor as the door opens.

Automatic door bottom seals are mechanically spring loaded seals that lift clear of the floor as the door opens and seal tight when the door is closed. Automatic door bottom seals can be face mounted and some models can be fully concealed. They operate over uneven floor surfaces and like sweep seals can be used with Raven threshold plates that offer added protection against rain infiltration where doorways may be exposed to more severe weather conditions.

Most Raven door bottom seals are easily adjusted after installation without removing the door. This ensures an optimum seal is achieved and maximum performance is maintained in the event of minor building movement.

For more information click on any of the products listed below or go to the menu at the top of this web page to review specific types e.g. Door Bottom Seals. For all Enquiries about any of these Raven Door and Window Sealing products please contact us :
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Raven RP31
The RP31 is a heavy duty sweep/compression seal.
Raven RP26
A heavy duty sweep seal for door bottoms of outward opening doors.
Raven RP129Si
A Door bottom seal by Raven RP129Si which is a silicon rubber seal in an anodised (15 micron) aluminium carrier.
Raven RP8Si
A Hot temperature smoke door bottom seal, with an extruded silicon sealing component.
Raven RP30
The RP30 is a heavy duty sweep/compression seal. The RP30 is fitted into a concealed, machined groove that should be deep enough to allow packing for adjustment.
Raven RP5
A flexible EPDM weather strip sweep seal that fits to the bottom of doors.
Raven RP4T
RP4T fits to the bottom of a door and can be used in combination with threshold plates for maximum weather protection.
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