Foam Seals By Stormguard


A range of self adhesive foam seals for doors or windows that are easy to use and install. Seal those gaps that can save you energy costs, fill gaps up to 3mm. Seals sold up to 15 metre lengths.

For more information click on any of the products listed below or go to the menu at the top of this web page to review specific types e.g. Door Bottom Seals. For all Enquiries about any of these Stormguard Door and Window Sealing products
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Self Adhesive Foam Seals
Self Adhesive Foam Seals for doors or windows | Self adhesive and wipe clean | Seals gaps up to 3mm | Simple to install | 5 or 15m lengths
Self Adhesive Extra Thick Foam Seals
Self Adhesive Extra Thick Foam Seals for doors or windows | Self adhesive | Extra wide and extra thick for those larger gaps | 3.5m lengths
V Profile Door/Glazing Seal
V Profile Seals for wooden and metal hinged doors and windows.
P Profile Door/Glazing Seal
Easy fit, self-adhesive, compression seals for draught proofing and weather sealing doors and windows.
E Profile Door/Glazing Seal
Self adhesive compression seals for draught and weather sealing.
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