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RAVEN Products are very active in research and development and tend to add and update products quite frequently so if you don't see what you need here, particularly in regard to Disabled Access Seals, ASK - the seal you want may be available.

About  Raven Seals

Raven Door Sealing Systems are available to combat draughts, dust, rain, noise, heat loss, heat gain, fire, Raven symbol guide.smoke and stray light. There are three types: Light (L), Medium (M) and Heavy-duty (H).

With solutions for a wide range of door opening types including butt hinged, up and over, sliding, roller shutter and revolving. Most of the Raven range will meet the requirements of Approved Document E.

Perimeter weather seals prevent rainwater infiltration through external doors and windows. The amount of sealing required for these applications will depend on the exposure of the door or window to external weather conditions. A variety of seals are available to suit even the most severe weather conditions.

Threshold seals incorporate a seal in the threshold plate and as such do not require a door bottom seal. Heavy-duty threshold seals with integral flexible seals or gaskets for inward or outward opening doors. Low threshold disabled access seals available.

Window and door sealing for the perimeter or door bottom, various applications covered using Neoprene Gaskets or Nylon brush pile. Aluminium or Brass finish extruded sections.

Acoustic and Disabled Access seals can be identified by the relevant icon shown on the product pages.

 Duty Levels

Raven Seals have been designed to accommodate a variety of duty levels, classified on this web site
as light, medium and heavy.


Light Duty

seals includes those typically used in residential applications or light traffic areas


Medium Duty

seals are used in commercial applications such as office spaces, shops commercial accommodation or medium traffic areas.


Heavy Duty

seals are designed for areas with a high level of use i.e public places such as hospitals, airports, factories, shopping centres or areas with a large flow through of pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

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