Q-LON Door And Window Seals By Schlegel


Q-LON door seals can be painted or stained. Q-LON seals have a minimum 10  year lifespan : Low friction characteristics : 7386 conformity : BS5750 quality guaranteed. Seal performance is not affected by over-painting : Specially designed with a low closing force for ease of operation. Flexible secondary seal - second line of defence against weather, noise or dust intrusion.

Colours show are approximations due to the limitations of scanning and web presentation technology, however these seals are designed to be painted or stained for colour matching purposes.  All seal drawings are from Schlegel who advise that dimensions are presented in mm and are nominal.

For more information click on any of the products listed below or go to the menu at the top of this web page to review specific types e.g. Door Bottom Seals. For all Enquiries about any of these Schlegel Door and Window Sealing products please contact us : 
T: 01329 844 500 or E: sales@astrodraft.com

Suitable for exterior or interior doors and for sealing badly warped timber casement windows.
Exterior door seal. Particularly useful when exterior doors are exposed to severe weather conditions. Can also be used as an interior door seal.
Perimeter of timber casement windows. Vertical sliding sash timber windows.
Perimeter of timber casement windows. Vertical sliding sash timber windows.
Where fixing area is narrow on head and jambs of timber doors. Perimeters of timber casement window, casement windows.
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