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An ever-expanding range of products to meet all your draught proofing requirements, all of which improve energy efficiency and cut costs both domestically and commercially. Stormguard is the leading retail brand of rain and draught excluders. Astrodraft supply a wide range of Stormguard products from door seals, bottom door seals, threshold sills, foam and EPDM self-adhesive seals, letterbox covers and rain deflectors. 

For more information click on any of the products listed below or go to the menu at the top of this web page to review specific types e.g. Door Bottom Seals. For all Enquiries about any of these Stormguard Door and Window Sealing products
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Bottom Door Seals
White, Brown, Aluminium and Gold Brush Bottom Door Seals | 914mm lengths | Seals gaps up 25mm
Self Adhesive Seals
Self Adhesive Foam Seals for doors or windows | Self adhesive and wipe clean | Seals gaps up to 3mm | Simple to install | 5 or 15m lengths
Self Adhesive Extra Thick Seals
Self Adhesive Extra Thick Foam Seals for doors or windows | Self adhesive | Extra wide and extra thick for those larger gaps | 3.5m lengths
Letterplates with Flaps
Upgrade your door features with Stormguard letterplate | Fits aperture size 279mm x 45mm and 254mm x 39mm | Available in various colours
Around The Door Seals
Door seals for around doors | Suitable for Inward Opening Doors, Sliding Sash Windows and Loft Hatches | Seals gaps up to 7mm
Heavy Duty Around The Door Seals
Heavy Duty screw fix Door seals for around doors | Suitable for Inward Opening Doors | Seals gaps up to 10mm | Quick and easy to fit
Garage Door Floor Seal Kit
Garage threshold seal kit - keep your garage clean and dry | Seals gaps from 5mm- 13mm | 2515mm rubber seal & GB Pro White Adhesive Sealant
Lowline Threshold/Rain Deflectors
Aluminium and Gold Lowline threshold/rain deflector seal | 914mm lengths | 27mm under the door
CDX Compression Draught Excluder
Aluminium and Gold Compression Draught Excluder | 914mm lengths | Low profile design | Seal gaps between 15-18mm | ideal for schools, public places
Slimline Threshold Door Sill
Aluminium and Matt Gold Slimline Threshold Door Sill | 1000mm lengths | Low profile design | Seal gaps between 12mm-14mm
Threshold Sill SG100
Stormguards SG100 threshold sill suitable for inward and outward opening doors.
Rain Deflector 32mm
32mm rain deflector | 838mm lengths | Deflect water away from the door bottom | Easy to install and comes with pre drilled holes
Under Door Foam Seals
White, or Light Wood under door foam seal | 914mm lengths | Seals gaps between 3mm to 30mm | Can be cut to size with scissors
V Profile Door/Glazing Seal
V Profile Seals for wooden and metal hinged doors and windows.
P Profile Door/Glazing Seal
Easy fit, self-adhesive, compression seals for draught proofing and weather sealing doors and windows.
E Profile Door/Glazing Seal
Self adhesive compression seals for draught and weather sealing.
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