Draughtproofing Supplies

Astrodraft is part of the Astroflame Group has undergone an extensive quality and reliability programme to ISO 9001:2015 Approved quality management system.

We are UK manufacturers and distributors of draught proofing supplies.

We stock draught proofing and weatherproofing supplies from top manufacturers like Raven, Schlegel, Stormguard and as well as our own product range.


Draught proofing Products

Astrodraft Seals

The Astrodraft product range includes:-

weatherstrip, door seals, door threshold plates, draught seals, door brush strips, window seals, adhesive seals, threshold seals, sash window repair, draught strips, door bottom seals, replacement door seals.

We have draught proofing perimeter seals suitable for all door and window frame types including Aluminium, uPVC, Timber, Butt fitting, Up and Over etc. The door seals and window seals we stock are high quality types. Many are multipurpose with energy saving, noise reduction and low maintenance features.

Schlegel Seals

The Schlegel range includes Aquamac Seals specially made for timber doors and windows. Lifetime guarantee. S644/BBA Approved

Raven Seals

The Raven seals range includes disabled access threshold seals for wheelchair access meeting the requirements of Approved Document E.

Stormguard Seals

An ever-expanding range of products to meet all your draught proofing requirements

The Astroflame Product Guide has Astrodraft draught proofing product information.

Draught proofing and weatherproofing benefits

Up to 15% of heat is lost through draughts: draught proofing can all but eliminate this loss and the payback period is quite short.

Apart from reduced fuel costs there is the added benefit of CO2 reduction (estimated at between 125-250 tonnes p.a for a typical household).

Draughts are often uncomfortable too and effective draught proofing improves comfort levels.

Noise reduction is another consideration. Gaps around doors, windows and letter boxes can create rattling noises and the same gap allows external noises to intrude. Several of the seals we sell have specific acoustic sealing, i.e. noise transmission reduction, design features.

The Government's Warm Front scheme in England and Wales, Warm Deal in Scotland, offers selective grants for a range of energy saving measures, including the installation of draught proofing.

For fire seals, smoke seals and other fire stopping products visit Astroflame.com

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Astrodraft is part of the Astroflame Group has undergone an extensive quality and reliability programme to ISO 9001:2015 Approved quality management system.